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A summary of traditional brainstorming

Traditional brainstorming is a proven process which has been successfully used for many years in the generation of new ideas.

This training course has introduced the rules and principles of Traditional Brainstorming and has shown you how to participate and run a brainstorming session. Armed with this information you should be able to approach a session confidently and in the way that is practised around the world. Brainstorming sessions followed using these rules and principles will be successful and good results will follow.

Summary of standard brainstorming session:
  1. Decide what you want to investigate and achieve
  2. Plan your sessions and invite participants
  3. Introduce and run your session using the following rules:
    • Postpone and withhold your judgment of ideas
    • Encourage wild and exaggerated ideas
    • Quantity counts at this stage, not quality
    • Build on the ideas put forward by others
    • Every person and every idea has equal worth
  4. Get everyone to shout out ideas and write them all down
  5. Use Advanced Brainstorming techniques as appropriate
  6. Thank all of the participants at the end
  7. Analyze the ideas and discover your solutions

While there are risks involved in the early stages of establishing brainstorming sessions, the overall benefits are enormous and with a little preparation and thought you can run brainstorming sessions which will improve your own and your organization's prospects in both the short and long term.

However, traditional brainstorming can be greatly enhanced by using modern updated techniques, materials and software. This is what we call ADVANCED BRAINSTORMING.

There are many aspects of traditional brainstorming which could work better and there are still problems associated with it that can be overcome by incorporating advanced techniques. You can still run a successful session without them but if you know them then you are more likely to run an enjoyable and productive session.

Now that you know how to perform traditional brainstorming, let's move on to see why we need Advanced Brainstorming techniques and how we can use them to our advantage.

NOTE: While we provide free training at this site, if you or your organisation want to use this information on your PC or network or as in-house training then we require you to purchase a licence for it. This money will be used to fund expansion of this website and the training you will be receiving.
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Excel Consultant Consultancy spreadsheet help and training