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Why do we need Advanced Brainstorming?

If you haven't yet read and understood about traditional brainstorming, we suggest you start the Yellow tour first.

Traditional brainstorming is a well-established technique for generating new ideas and solutions. However, the traditional method of brainstorming still has some faults. Traditional brainstorming is supposed to allow people to ignore their natural inhibitions; but, in reality, this is often difficult to do. It is also very hard for people naturally to think in new directions without assistance. Let's now look at some of these various problems associated with traditional brainstorming and investigate how they can be improved upon. The improvements we discover we will refine into the techniques of "Advanced Brainstorming".

Possible problems with Traditional Brainstorming

  • You don't have the time or resources for a group session
  • People don't lose their inhibitions
  • The same ideas are repeated again and again
  • The session doesn't flow naturally and people feel uncomfortable
  • People constantly struggle to think in new ways
  • You need a group of people to do it and cannot do it by yourself
  • There are too many awkward periods of silence and discomfort
  • The sessions are dominated by one or two people
  • Some people do not contribute
  • The facilitator needs to give constant encouragement to the participants
  • The same ideas are repeated again and again
  • No successful outcome or solution is reached

Possible causes of the problems

  • Many people are uncomfortable in the brainstorming environment
  • People do not believe they can be creative
  • Authority is accidentally used which makes people feel scared of their actions
  • No real objectives are set
  • Participants do not know how to think creatively
  • Participants do not use creative thinking techniques
  • A poor mixture of participants is present
  • Different personality types need different brainstorming styles
  • None or not enough training has been given
  • Not enough guidance and encouragement is given by the facilitator
  • No warm-up exercise was used
  • The brainstorming environment is hostile to creativity
  • People are not using other people's ideas to stimulate their own

The case for Advanced Brainstorming

  • Smoother and better brainstorming
  • More comfortable and creative environment
  • Ability to brainstorm on one's own
  • Originality of prompts and stimuli
  • Infinite availability of prompts and stimuli
  • Long-term brainstorming and creativity
  • Never be stuck for a new idea

Advanced brainstorming will enable you to make your brainstorming sessions more successful and enjoyable by providing both a better quality of stimulus and breadth of solution. You need never be stuck for a new idea and you will be able to prevent the problems of traditional brainstorming. Brainstorming will have grown up into a dynamic, stimulating experience leading to personal and organizational success.

Advanced brainstorming means better brainstorming.

To learn all about advanced brainstorming and how it can work for you, continue the tour by clicking the green door below.

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