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A summary of the introduction to brainstorming

  • Brainstorming is a process for generating new ideas.
  • It uses a set of specific rules and techniques which encourage and spark off new ideas which would never have happened under normal circumstances.
  • Traditional brainstorming can be greatly enhanced by using modern updated techniques, materials and software.
While there are risks involved in the early stages of establishing brainstorming sessions, the overall benefits are enormous and with a little preparation and thought you can run brainstorming sessions which will improve both your own and your organization's prospects in the short and long term.

The best way to ensure a successful conclusion from brainstorming is for all of the participants to be trained via this website or via a dedicated trainer. Please give your colleagues access to this website or you can purchase a licence to download the complete website and hold it on your personal computer or on your internal network for training purposes. You will be breaking our copyright agreement if you access the web pages off-line or distribute it as training materials without a licence.

This is the end of the introduction to brainstorming and now it's time to learn how to actually do brainstorming. The rest of this yellow-coloured tour of brainstorming is dedicated to the traditional rules and processes involved in brainstorming. After that you should follow the Green tour and learn about the advanced methods and techniques which will make your brainstorming sessions flow better and will make it practically impossible not to generate thousands of excellent ideas.

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Excel Consultant Consultancy spreadsheet help and training