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How to use Advanced Brainstorming tools

There are many ways to actually use creative thinking techniques in your brainstorming sessions. Most importantly, you need to be able to produce a range of random stimuli. This can be done either manually or via specialist brainstorming software. Our discoveries in training creative thinking and brainstorming are that it is either difficult or frustrating to find all of the stimuli in one place if you use a manual system and that you can often forget to ask yourself key questions. This is why we developed brainstorming software: to bring all the stimuli together in one instantly accessible place. Our software also allows you to do something that is impossible to do in any other way: get a truly RANDOM stimulus.

Now, imagine yourself running a brainstorming session. It may be that every few minutes you're going to have to search for a new stimulus. How are you going to do this? You could, quite legitimately, stall the session and flick frantically through books, magazines and dictionaries. But this is time consuming and it interrupts your, or the group's, creative flow. Wouldn't it be easier to get a random, unbiased stimulus instantly, at the press of a button?

We think you'll appreciate the difference our software can make.

While we would obviously like you to try and buy our software we are always happy to provide you with free methods of performing the techniques because we believe that however well you can perform the techniques using manual systems, our software will ultimately be better. Also, it will not cost you as much money as getting all of the manual options together, and it can be accessible to everyone with a computer.

First, we'll give you a brief description of what dedicated brainstorming software can do for you, and then we'll run through the manual procedures available if you are still determined to do it that way. Whichever you do in the end, please download our software and try it for free for 30 days so that you can see the advantages it gives you. You are under no obligation to buy it and it may help you discover and learn better how to use the techniques.

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