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An Introduction

Advanced brainstorming is an improved process which increases the success rate of brainstorming and involves using creative thinking techniques to increase the number and diversity of new ideas.

Advanced brainstorming will make your brainstorming sessions run smoother and more efficiently because you will never be stuck for a new idea. Modern tools and techniques for idea generation also allow brainstorming to be done effectively by an individual person.

Brainstorming sessions are followed using the standard rules but are improved upon by using specialized techniques and tools.

The tools and techniques of advanced brainstorming are:

These techniques will improve the creative ability of the participants and will help them work together in a group. None of the participants will be stuck for a new idea and they will feel happier about putting their ideas forward.

The first thing you need to do is to train future participants in creative thinking techniques which will explain how the creative process can work for them, explain the barriers to individual creativity and explain how creativity techniques will enable them to produce unlimited numbers of ideas. FREE training in creative thinking techniques is given by this website.

The next stage is to give participants the right tools which will make the techniques easier and more productive. Brainstorming software and other stimulating materials will bring the creative thinking techniques to life and will enable faster and more original thinking.

The final stage is to learn how many of the traditional obstacles associated with brainstorming can be overcome and how a more creative environment can be stimulated throughout anorganization.

All of the training needed to do this is FREE on this website. Some of the information is designed to be freely downloaded and used in your sessions. We firmly believe in brainstorming and would not want to limit its use throughout the world. Therefore we provide free computer-based training to you via our websites. However, while we do provide free training at this site, if you or your organisation want to use this training information on your own PC or network or as in-house training then we require you to purchase a licence for it. This money will be used to fund expansion of this website and the training you will be receiving.

Everything on the website can be done by you without any additional help from us but we believe that we can enhance the effectiveness and speed of the process by installing the website onto your computer which we require you to purchase a licence for. While it is possible to perform the creative thinking techniques without any software, we believe that our software will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your brainstorming sessions.

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Excel Consultant Consultancy spreadsheet help and training