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Click here for help on how to use this brainstorming websiteHelp on using brainstorming.co.uk Click here for help on how to use this brainstorming website

This page explains how to use this website and gives suggestions on typical ways of working through the pages. We assume that you know how to use your internet browser to follow both text and picture links by clicking on the underlined words and pictures.

The layout of www.brainstorming.co.uk

This website is set out in four distinct sections:
  1. Training in Traditional Brainstorming techniques (yellow tour)
  2. Training in Advanced Brainstorming techniques (green tour)
  3. Direct links to other brainstorming tools (blue)
  4. Links to useful information and pages (pink)
This layout can be seen on our main contents page.

We have given each section a colour so that you can quickly locate and follow each section.

Following specific training courses in brainstorming

If you want to learn all about brainstorming then you should first follow the section on Training in Traditional Brainstorming. This we have called the Yellow Tour and you can follow it through by simply clicking on the yellow door at the end of each page: Yellow brainstorming tour

When you have completed that tour you are ready to take the Green Tour and learn all about Advanced Brainstorming techniques. Just click on the green doors Green advanced brainstorming tourto follow it through.
We have added a special feature that allows you to quickly move through the training material: If you press the "n" key on your keyboard you will move to the "Next" page, if you press the "B" key you will move to "B"ack a page. Note you need to have Javascript working on your internet browser to use this option.

Returning to the contents page

Whenever you want to return to the contents page (the home page), just click on the house button Home Page

For all other web pages and access to brainstorming tools

For all other web pages in this site, or to go directly to a specific page in the tours, go to the contents page, scroll down to the correct link and click on it. Please look through all the pages of the training material.

Also, please make sure you download the free trial version of our software. Brainstorming Toolbox is the ideal interactive tool for advanced brainstorming and the perfect companion to this website. Click here to go to the download page.

Suggestions and more help

We are always happy to help you and are continually seeking to improve our website. Therefore, if you require any further assistance or if you have any suggestions for improvements or contents of this site please let us know.

for all your questions and comments.

Voting for each page

At the bottom of every page is a voting and comments box where you can vote and say how useful you found it. This will let us know which pages need most improvement. You do not need to fill in a comment each time - just pressing your voting button will be sufficient.

Thank you for using our website.

Please tell others about it and remember to bookmark it and add it to your list of "Favorite" websites (normally by pressing the Control and D keys at the same time) so that you can come back more easily. We are constantly updating this website so come back to see the improvements and additions.

Now click on the house button below to return to the contents page.

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Excel Consultant Consultancy spreadsheet help and training